How to Book an Order in "ShanghaiJoker"? 


How we are different from other Taobao Agents ? 

Usually Taobao Purchasing Agents don't show the Real discounts to the customers,which they get from sellers.Also whenever you find  and send the Taobao item links to the Agents,
They try to buy the same Item with the different seller for cheaper cost, but they charge you the price as per the link which you send.
( E.g ) I f you find the furniture link for 800 RMB and send the links to the Agents, they find the same model item with different seller for 500 RMB, 
but they charge you 800 RMB + ( Service charge ) , so who is Smart ???

Every Taobao accounts holders have the Grade levels  V1 to V6 depend on their purchase volume.
Agents usually holding the grade level V6 , because they making huge orders frequently. 
In Taobao there is some Hidden promotions, only for V5 & V6 Grade level users,
which little cheaper then other V1-V2 users. if you see the links without login you can see the higher price, 
But if you login with the V6 level user id, you can see the discounted  price,  Agents also making  some hidden benefits from that.

Shanghai joker   -  How we are different from others ?  
 we also have the same benefits and promotions, but we show it to the customers what we getting from supplier,  Yes !!! 
we also find the Best & cheaper seller for your item and place the orders, 
In the client order sheet , we send you the Web screen shot of the Amount which we paid to the sellers + our commission fee , so you can understand exactly what we paid  to the suppliers,
some time if we purchase many items from the same sellers , we also try to negotiate with them for free courier or discounts, at least some Free gifts.
Whatever we show everything in a screen shot to you , so there is no more hidden games.depend on your purchase volume , we offer some discounts in service fee  and yearly Gifts.

We are very transparent with our clients !!      This is the secret of our big success !! 

How to make the Payments in SJ ? 

For Customers inside China : we accept local Bank transfers in any local banks
For Customers Outside China : 
we accept International Bank transfers  ,  western union  , Credit card payment ( 6 % transaction fee ) 

How we Calculate the Shipping cost ? 

Usually the Shipping costs depend on the weight , size of the box and  destination country.

Many Agent shows DHL - EMS - UPS have discounts , actually that is not true,

Ofcoz the courier companies give discounted price to the Agents, but that are all fixed,

Most of the Agent showing cheaper courier costs and add the extra margins in the goods cost.we choose the couriers depend on the destination country, which who quote the cheap price, some courier companies giving us best deals for the particular destinations, so we let customers know what exactly we paid to the courier company.,so everything is going to be open for customers. < Click here to view our Promotional Service fee >

How to Seacrh the items in Taobao ? - Demo Video-