Shanghai Joker [ English Taobao Agent ] 

@ We assist foreign communities to purchase online in Taobao and other Chinese websites.
@ We are the only Taobao online purchase service provider, run by foreigners.
@ Our sales team is engaged with both foreign and Chinese persons.
@ We assist clients to search quality items from the cheapest suppliers in Taobao.
@ We give you variety of sellers, to choose the best item, by yourself.
@ We accept the payments from Local Bank accounts, Credit Cards
@ We give you after sales service without any second time fee.
@ We assist the clients to Change goods / return the goods / get refund amount with buyer protection.
@ We provide you the payment receipt issued by the seller. 
@ We charge only the service fee from the receipt amount. No other additional fees or hidden charges.
@ We give you the best service at a lower fee from 5% -10% depending upon your purchase volume.
@ We invite the clients from china and overseas.
@ Regular buyers are surprised with annual gifts and latest promotion details.


Demo Video ( How to select items ? )


   Friendly Customer Support 24x7)

  We have Good source of Finding,  the Best Supplier leads 

     in All Price Range.

◆  After Sales Service 

  Services in both English & Chinese

  Flexible and Easy Payment methods


  Accept China Bank account deposit

  No Hidden fees  

 ( You can Enjoy the offers which the  local Chinese Peoples really getting )

  Delivery in both China and Overseas

  Money back Policy (Terms Apply 

  Accept both Personal and Commerical orders